Third Workshop on Computer Vision for AR/VR

June 17, 2019, Long Beach, CA

Organized in conjunction with CVPR 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where will the accepted submissions be published?

A: The workshop format is non-archival, and as such will not appear in the official CVPRW proceedings. We will, however, publish the submissions here on the workshop’s website.

Q: How do I cite a paper from the workshop?

A: Please use the following convention: “CVPR Workshop on Computer Vision for Augmented and Virtual Reality, Long Beach, CA, 2019.”

Q: What is the poster format?

A: We recommend following the CVPR guidelines on posters. See CVPR 2019 front page (under News and Updates) for instructions on poster templates and printing options.

Q: What is the format for spotlight presentations?

A: If you have been selected for a spotlight talk, make sure your presentation is no longer than 2 minutes. This is a strict limit due to workshop time constraints, your presentation will be cut if it exceeds the time limit. You are required to deliver either a PDF file or a video file (no longer than 2 minutes) before the spotlight submission deadline.

Q: How do I attend the workshop?

A: The workshop is organized in conjunction with CVPR 2019, meaning that a CVPR registration is required to attend the workshop.

Q: Where is the workshop?

A: The workshop will be held at the CVPR conference venue.


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